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Opinions requested. Please read through. Apparently I managed to offend someone by stating that the Christian God did not truly exist. Yeah I know--thems fightin' words. But it's fantasy people. In all honesty I've heaved a book or two across the room because midway through they tried to cram the one god idea down the reader's throat.But this was one line in eight books and it fit the rest of the world(s) theology which this person then proceeded to remember completely incorrectly since apparently I made her see red.

IN eight books --thus far-- I've managed to run through multiple pantheons of gods in what boils down to-- none of them were really gods they were just magically gifted and long-lived people from a world where they were common and eventually that world placed wardens(Hard-case loner type elves) to prevent magical imbalances from people playing god to short-lived largely unmagical humans, so by the time the christian god rolled around nobody was getting away with that kind of role-playing anymore. But humans needed something to believe in so they built their mythology and they wrote their bibles and they created rituals which in the long run had a magic all its own, created miracles, and leant strength to the mythology. But according to this review I claimed all the old gods were real(I guess they were-- of course I also mention they're about twenty Odins off from the original) and the christian god wasn't.(the author of this review did not however seem to have a problem with the idea that hell is nothing more than a demesne filled with demons locked in their homelands by the ruling council--they never get out unless someone is stupid enough to summon them --Or the king of the fairies works a deal with them) Never intended to offend anybody because ...well...it's fiction. Better yet Fantasy fiction.And theology is really just a backdrop( a scarcely mentioned backdrop) for my worlds-- not a hard and fast statement of anybody's real beliefs.

OK having gone through all that there is a point. If you were presented with the line above in the context stated, would it offend you? Should I be concerned that this may be a common reaction?

Maybe I should hope some holy rollers will try to ban my books, a little controversy can be a good thing sometimes but that really wasn't what I was going for. These are meant to be fun light tales easy to read without a lot of thought in them and maybe a little too much sex. I would have thought I'd offend more people with the sex than the religion(or lack thereof) but thus far even the one review I got that seemed to think maybe I could do with fewer sex scenes still rated it five stars, which I figured meant I must be doing something right.   :)

Book 8

"Changes" Book 8 of my Guardian Of The Realm series has been published through KDP and should be available on Amazon by this afternoon.

Baby number 2

Second foal is on the ground. This one is a chestnut filly. Four white feet and a lot of white on her face ending in a hook curving around her nostrils. Which is kinda cool in multiple ways. One-- her deceased sire was named Captain Hook. And two--she's a South Dakota baby and one of the main pasttimes around here is fishing so she has her own fish hook. Silly me forgot the camera when we went out this morning so pics will have to wait for this afternoon.

Baby horse

Baby horse born last night. He wasn't planned but since I lost his sire this year kinda glad he let himself in with the girls last fall. This foal is a dark chocolate bay (Nearly black) colt looks an awful lot like his Grandpa, Destined to Command AKA Oreo. We have a second one due any day now. Have tried to post pictures but don't seem to be having a lot of luck with livejournal. Will post again if I figure it out.

Through The Waterfall

The first book of my "Guardian Of The Realm" series is available for free on Smashwords. Hoping Amazon will price match  but haven't gotten a response from them yet. First two of this series are on Smashwords and Barnes and Noble since I removed them from Amazon's KDP Select program. Hopefully I'll get the third and fourth posted tomorrow then they'll be caught up on all sources. Working on book five hope needs some rewrites but hope to have it out by mid-October.


Awesome day for a horseback ride great temp with just enough wind top keep it cool. Granddaughter and I went out  and discovered one of the pastures we ride by was emptied of cows and the gates left open. Better yet, (and this is the only upside of drought) the water was low enough we could cross the river. Opened up vast new areas to ride in. Worked our way up a hillside and could see for miles. Beautiful. Saw houses in the distance we never realized were there because they're set so far off the road. Felt like being on top of the world. Not quite Pike's Peak but still a great view

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Through The Waterfall

I went ahead and started self-publishing my Guardian of the Realm series. Through The Waterfall is the first book in the series. I decided to try it in Amazon.s KDP Select program and will have it available Friday the 18th and Saturday the 19th as a Free promotion. I'm interested to see if the Select program makes a difference. I'm publishing as Sandra Elsa. Stop by Amazon if you get a chance.

Daughter Of The Wind.

Well took the first two novels I ever wrote and sat down with Smashwords today. They still need ISBNs to be included in their premium distribution but they're out of their free ISBNs as of march 12th, supposed to have more by end of week. Need to work on the covers anyway so while they're out on smashwords they're not really ready to go. Anybody else have Smashword experience. Anything I need to pay particular attention too?

It's another beautiful weekend in South Dakota, unfortunately I've managed to get a cold and don't
 really feel up to much. Thus the sit around and check out smashwords.

Query time

Well one of my new years resolutions was to start sending queries to agents. At least ten a month. Since I have multiple novels to try to market that's not very many. Messed up right off the bat with only five out in January, but made my quota for Feb. now to start March. The queries slowly improve each time I sit down to send some out, so by July or August they may be good enough to attract some interest.

Not sure I like what seems to be a growing trend of if you don't hear from us in such and such time, it means No. I understand the over queried agents problem, I've just had too many problems with email not getting where it was meant to go to accept the fact that my query was actually received pondered and discarded. If they have an auto responder set up to acknowledge receipt this works a little better for me but what are you gonna do. I think it's time to add a column to my spreadsheet to note the ones that state this so I'm not expecting an answer.